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Working Capital Funding

Working Capital

If your business needs cash, a working capital loan is an excellent solution. A working capital loan offers more benefits than typical small business loans issued by most banks. Most notably, a working capital loan has an easier approval process. A working capital loan is an unsecured debt, which means it doesn’t require the collateral of a typical bank loan.

Accounts Receivable Financing

Accounts Receivable Financing

This option is often used by fast-growing businesses or those businesses that have the potential to grow but not the capital to make the expansion. Unlike a bank loan that looks at the value of your balance sheet to make a decision, when applying for the accounts receivable funding, the business is assessed based on the value of the outstanding invoices.

Equipment Funding Solutions

Equipment Funding Solutions

Do you own a manufacturing business, a restaurant or a retail that uses heavy duty or specialty equipment? Do you find yourself in need of new equipment for your business? Western Capital Funding can provide you with the solutions you need.

Cash Advances

Merchant Cash Advances

Unlike with a business loan, our program is linked with the development of your business and, since remittance are based on the volume of your Visa, MasterCard and other receivables, we only get paid when you get paid, thus making it easier for you to manage your business’ cash flow, especially during slower periods.

Franchise Financing

Franchise Financing

Are you interested in purchasing a franchise, looking to finance a new location or simply need equipment for an existing location? Here at Western Capital Funding we concentrate on helping franchises like yours succeed. We will work closely with you to choose the best loans options for your establishment at a rate that works best for you.

Bridge Loans

Bridge Loans

A bridge loan is a type of loan used by a company to bridge a gap in financing until the company obtains more permanent funding for an existing project or obligation. Commonly used to assist with immediate business needs for capital, debt, improvements or real estate transactions, the bridge loan is usually a short-term loan but it can range between a few months to a few years.


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A Brief Introduction to Working Capital


These people allowed us to be their financial partners...

“My father’s business needed the cash to acquire a larger project for his business. We needed the money immediately and the bank loan was out of the question. Although I thought the rates would be too high to get a loan on such a short notice, we were pleasantly surprised to discover that the business cash advance is a very affordable and accessible option. I totally would do business with them again.”

Alam — Contractor

“My business was struggling a bit due to bad crop and I needed some capital to pay my employees and make it till the next crop. I managed to get the funds in my account in less than a week. Now that’s some great service if you ask me.”

William — Agribusiness Owner

“Western Capital Funding did so much for me. I needed the money to purchase equipment immediately and I did not know where to go. With the help of everyone at Western Capital Funding I was able to get the money I needed when I needed them the most. Thank you guys.”

Elizabeth – Industrial Manufacturing Business Owner

Western Capital Funding

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The financial experts at Western Capital Funding are a team of successful professionals with years of experience in financial services and business cash advances. With diverse backgrounds varying from building successful businesses to securities and banking, the founders of Western Capital Funding are well aware of the many challenges that today’s business owners are faced with. That is why we work together to provide you with the capital that makes sense for your business when you need it the most.

In tough economic times such as these, Western Capital Funding understands that having access to the funding you need might make the difference for your business. That’s why our Business Cash Advance programs are specifically designed to meet your business’ needs with a remittance plan that works with your business’ cash flow. Unlike bank loans, our program is fast and easy and it gives you access to the finances you need in a matter of days.

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